Musk's revolutionary project will change the real estate market and all our lives. What news will he come up with?

That Elon Musk has had many successes and failures is clear. Some of his ideas have ended up succeeding, even when it seemed at first glance that he must have gone mad. For example, the push for electric mobility on a global scale, or a private company for functional space rockets. Some ideas, on the other hand, have remained complete phantasmagoria. Some, however, are in the process of being born and look like they might not be entirely out of the realm of fairy tales.

Elon Musk is clearly one of the most important figures of our generation.

Elon Musk is vying for the top ranks of the richest people on the planet. But unlike his rivals, he doesn't usually dazzle on social media with giant houses, yachts or super sports. Instead, he seems to be able to be relatively modest.

There has even been speculation online that he lives in a Boxabl modular home. In Czech, it's probably called a "budka", "kukaň" or more technically a tiny house. Simply a classic house that can be brought in on a lift 😁

After more than a year of intense speculation about whether the CEO of Tesla $TSLA-1.0% and SpaceX actually lives in Boxabl, Musk himself sets the record straight: "Yes, I do indeed own a Boxabl Casita. Yes, it's amazing, and yes, I've spent extended periods of time in it at times."

Elon stated this on the Fullsend podcast. Which, by the way, I definitely recommend watching.

As it happens, this rumor was started by Musk himself, who tweeted that he lives in a $50,000 house he rents from SpaceX. In a later tweet, he denied living in Casita and said his main base of operations is a classic but inexpensive house. In the podcast, Musk says he owns a prototype of the Casita Boxabl, but his main base is a two-bedroom house he bought cheaply, for $45,000.

Still, he spends time in the Casita and still considers it a great product. However, he currently uses it as a guest house when people come to visit. The rest of the time, his house in Boca Chica is enough for him.

Las Vegas-based startup Boxabl plans to revolutionize housing with this "instant home." Casitas will come in a variety of sizes and layouts depending on budget, but each will have one common element: it can be built in an hour with a minimum of fuss and will include all the necessary amenities. The price of the most basic model will start at the aforementioned $50,000.

Now the important thing

Okay... that's a description of Musk's home. But what does it have to do with anything? Because there has been speculation on the internet for some time now that Tesla's acquisition (or actual production) of a modular home company is under consideration. The latter would like to build up its portfolio. It makes sense. It already has cars, various energy sources... housing would make sense. And of course, making a modular house "for people" is probably closer to Tesla than conventional construction work.

All sources so far say it's just speculation. Image

Everything I've been able to track down is still in the prototype and theory stage, of course. But some sources are looking suspiciously very confident that Musk is planning something like this.

But if Tesla (or another Musk company) starts to tread into this industry, one might expect a minor real estate revolution to come. I don't think everyone would want to live in a tiny house. Except, as we know, Musk is pretty good at convincing people otherwise. Few people wanted to drive an electric car 10 years ago and look at the sales figures today. Anyway, I'm curious about it.

How about you? Would you consider a miniature house from Elon Musk at a relatively affordable price? Is this even a realistic possibility, or are we stuck in the realm of Musk's crazy visionary fantasies?

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Disclaimer: This is in no way an investment recommendation. This is purely my summary and analysis based on data from the internet and a few other analyses. Investing in the financial markets is risky and everyone should invest based on their own decisions. I am just an amateur sharing my opinions.

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