A$PBR-0.7% stock that many investors here love, and the rest of us are certainly at least intrigued by the gigantic dividend.

Personally, I'm not that familiar with this company and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how much this stock is able to maintain its current dividend and possibly whether it's even prudent to hold this stock in a portfolio. What are the pros and cons of this very interesting stock in your opinion?

$15.08 -$0.10 -0.69%

Nicely written by Filip! I personally also had the stock in my portfolio, about 9 months, but the purchase was around $10 and the sale at about $13, plus collected dividends. I like mining companies, but here as Filip wrote it, I see more of a decline there in the future also due to just a dividend cut or not maintaining it at the moment. I can't predict when and that's why I sold as I think we are somewhere around the peak of the price now.

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