3 stocks that are at all-time lows with a dividend above 7%

Today, we'll focus on dividend stocks that can provide you with a steady income as well as the potential to grow your investments. With the market this year full of optimism and uncertainty, it's important to find stocks that can provide you with stability and potential appreciation.

We take a look at three attractive dividend stocks that feature robust fundamentals and long-term growth potential. These companies are trading near their 52-week lows and offer investors stable dividend income.

Leggett & Platt $LEG-1.6%

Leggett & Platt is a reputable company with more than 140-year history, specializing in the manufacture spring coils for sofas and mattresses. Despite recent challenges such as missing earnings estimates in the last three quarters, the company has maintained its credibility. This long operating history and prominent role in its industry provides the company with a stable foundation that is key to maintaining its market position in a competitive environment.

$12.12 -$0.20 -1.62%
Fair Price: $51.70
Laqonj: 63.07%
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The dividend yield is over 9%, significantly above the industry average. This high dividend, coupled with a53-year streak of dividend increases, demonstrates the company's stable dividend policy and credibility in the eyes of investors. Despite recent challenges, the Leggett & Platt maintains its commitment to growth and long-term stability, giving investors reason to believe in the company's ability to adapt and grow in a competitive environment.

$12.12 -$0.20 -1.62%
Target Price
32 (+164.03% Upside)

With earnings expected to increase by 13 % the company has the potential to rebuild its growth and strengthen its position. Operating the business for over one hundred and forty years allows the company to leverage its wealth of experience and stability to continue to grow and provide long-term value for its shareholders.

CTO Realty Growth $CTO+1.6%

CTO Realty Growth is a key player in the real estate investment trusts (REITs) industry, gaining attention for its focus on rapidly growing urban areas in the "Sun Belt," including locations such as Atlanta, Georgia and Texas. This strategy allows it to take advantage of positive population and economic growth in these areas. With a mix of office and retail assets, the company has a robust and diversified portfolio, a key factor in the post-pandemic recovery. Analysts have praised its strong operating model, which has translated intopositive financial results where CTO Realty Growth has beaten expectations in three of the last four periods.

In terms of financial metrics, the dividend yield is around 9 %, which is above the REITs industry average. The company also boasts an 11-year streak of consecutive dividend increases, giving it stability and attractiveness to investors looking for long-term passive income. With the expected continued growth in interest in real estate in the southern parts of the United States, it is likely that the company will continue to prosper and provide attractive returns to its investors.

$18.54 $0.29 +1.59%

Despite the general challengesfacing the real estate market, the Company is demonstrating strength and resilience in today's difficult business environment. With positive growth prospects and a solid dividend policy, CTO Realty Growth is deservedly regarded as one of the attractiveh options for investors seeking long-term and stable investments in the real estate sector.

Universal Health Realty Income Trust $UHT+1.9%

Universal Health Realty Income Trust is a well-known player in the REITssector that specializes in providing healthcare facilities in the US. With an extensive history going back more than38 years and a portfolio of 76 healthcare facilities in over 20 states , Universal Health has a significant presence. The recent stock price decline of nearly 19% may have raised investor concerns, but the company's strategic focus on the healthcare sector puts it in an advantageous position during a period of change and the needs of a growing aging population.

The dividend yield is 7,9 %, which exceeds average in the REIT sector and represents an attractive opportunity for investors seeking stable income. Despite recent challenges, the company has solid fundamentals that allow it to benefit from the expected reduction in interest rates and a strategic focus on the growing demand for healthcare in the U.S.

$40.97 $0.78 +1.94%

In light of growing needs and demographic trends driving the healthcare industry, and with projected growth in demand for healthcare facilities, Universal Health has the potential for long-term steady growth and deliver attractive returns.

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