UL Solutions IPO

1. Financials and IPOA: The company plans to raise up to $812 million through an IPO, offering 28 million shares at a price between $26 and $29 each. This move is expected to support the company's development and fund further growth.

2. Business segments: UL Solutions has two main business segments, Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) and Software and Consulting (S&A). The company specializes in providing safety and security for its clients' products, with an emphasis on electrical and fire risks.

3. Financial performanceA: The financial data presented shows that the company has seen an increase in revenue from $2.52 billion in 2022 to $2.68 billion in 2023. However, net income has declined from $309 million to $276 million during the same period.

4. Revenue distributionA: More than 80,000 customers use a combination of TIC and S&A services from UL Solutions. Certification testing and ongoing certification services make up the majority of revenue, while software makes up a smaller portion.

5. Market potential: The company holds approximately 7% of the market for outsourced TIC services, indicating its strong position in the industry. The growth of this market and the increasing demand for TIC services offers the company an opportunity for further expansion and growth.

6. Future prospectsA: UL Solutions identifies increasing technological advancements and changes in the regulatory environment as factors that will impact the TIC services market. The company sees its role in helping manufacturers and suppliers meet ever-evolving standards and regulations.

Overall, UL Solutions has a stable business model and a strong market position, which has enabled it to achieve steady growth and profitability results. An IPO could provide the funding needed to further develop and strengthen the company's market position.

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