📊 What is the current state of the financial market? JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon shares his thoughts and concerns in his recent letter to shareholders. 🏦

🔍 Dimon highlights the risks associated with inflation and interest rates that could be higher than markets expect. Global events are impacting markets around the world. 🌍

💼 Big government spending, efforts by the Federal Reserve to shrink their balance sheets and geopolitical tensions at the Middle East and the Ukraine are factors that can affect markets and investment strategies.

💡 Dimon also discusses the future of JPMorgan $JPM+0.0% and possible successors, a position he has held since 2005 and the bank has come a long way since then. The most recent addition to the financial giant was the purchase of San Francisco lender First Republic Bank. JPMorgan posted a book profit of $3 billion and the bank expects the acquisition to bring its annual profit to over $500 million. We'll see on Friday what results the company will present.



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But the bank is factoring in possible scenarios, even with interest rates at levels ranging from 2 % to 8 % or more. It is clear that the company is prepared for all unexpected events! 🔄

🔒 The challenges of bank regulation are another point that Dimon mentions. There is a need for constructive dialogue between banks and regulators. The biggest issue is the new rule requiring financial institutions to hold more reserves against future losses.

What do you think of $JPM+0.0% and its management? What results do you expect from the banking sector as a whole on Friday?

JPM is a great company and has great management. I'm kind of sorry I didn't buy last year.

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