💡 The new era of artificial intelligence is here!

Intel has just unveiled its latest AI chip, Gaudi 3, which has the potential to challenge Nvidia's dominance. 🚀

A much-discussed company here on Bulios has unveiled some interesting news. Intel promises something it can't deliver, so let's see how this project turns out.

Intel unveiled a new AI chip at its Intel Vision event on Tuesday , this chip is said to compete with Nvidia 's$NVDA-2.6% chips . ⚙️

With the Gaudi 3 series ,Intelis focusing on both training and deploying AI models and claims to be about 40 % more power-efficient and o 50 % faster than the Nvidia H100. That's a huge leap forward for the future of the technology.

Intel also announced a new form of Ethernet connectivity and processors Xeon 6 for artificial intelligence systems, representing further innovation in the industry.



$32.98 -$1.89 -5.42%

With these new technologies, Intel is attempting to reclaim its place at the forefront of the chip industry, offering partners like Dell $DELL+0.4%, HP $HPQ-0.6%, Lenovo and Super Micro $SMCI entire assemblies as reference designs.🌐

What's your view of the company Intel $INTC-5.4%, will this important news change your position towards this company?

It's exactly as you write, Intel promises something and then it doesn't happen, so we'll see how it goes.

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