📈💼 BlackRock stunned the markets! 💼📈

BlackRock $BLK is a global financial giant with an incredible impact on markets around the world. With record growth in assets under management, it is an unmissable force in the investment world. With investor confidence and the ability to attract massive financial flows, BlackRock has become synonymous with success and stability in the financial world.

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This morning, the company unveiled results that set the financial world ablaze. Their earnings per share reached $9.81.which beat analysts' expectations by $0.40. Revenues of $4.73 billion beat forecasts by 30 million by $30 million!

BlackRock also saw amazing growth in assets under management. They reached a record $10.5 trillion, anincrease of $1.4 trillion over last year. That's a staggering 15% increase!

BlackRock is attracting investors around the world and during the first quarter of the year 2024 they recorded total net inflows into their investment products of$57 billion. This is a clear signal of the strength and confidence this company has in itself.

$830.70 $1.70 +0.21%
Fair Price: $115.98
Rxlqaozp: 3.08%
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We are witnessing a true giant that can earn the trust of investors around the world. When I look at the holdings in the various companies, it is difficult not to find just BlackRock. 🚀🌍

What is your opinion on this company?

And I'll add Larry is not only a high-level functionary of the World Economic Forum, but also a member of the Advisory Board, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, Beijing. I think that says it all.

It is a company that is aware of its responsibilities and if it can manage the current threats, according to the dark forest strategy theory that Russia is following (hopefully China is not) and enforce a win win strategy according to game theory (especially in the US China relationship) then it will surely still be good for its shareholders in 40 years time. He's not Larry Fink on the WEF board for nothing👍.

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