📈🔍 Jerome Powell's speech at the Washington Forum:

Jerome Powell today at the forum in Washington in Washington, DC. As inflation is still well above the desired target. 🚫⬆️

Powell is determined to leave interest rates unchanged if inflation remains above expectations.

Immediate market reaction:

Bond yields rise. 💹

Stocks fall. 📉

TheFederal Reserve'sbattle with inflation is ongoing and far from over. Fed probably won't be in a hurry to cut rates. 🔍🔒

Right now, investors are more interested in decisions The Fed than the potential conflict at the Middle East.

There are even views that Fed the Fed won't cut rates at all this year!
How do you view the whole market situation, and what is your opinion?

It's quite threatened, the prices of services and food are still high, plus the situation in the East may increase the price of oil and all this keeps inflation where it is or may even increase. I'm also beginning to think we'll be glad for at least one reduction, if any ... I see it as a pretty stupid point now, because the prices of AI backed technologies will still be high, on the other hand the rest of the market that doesn't have as much revenue as AI is suffering a lot and I'm getting a bit worried about those reits.

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