Today ASML reported results that weren't bad at all, which makes me happy since$ASML-3.1%stock makes up a pretty big part of my portfolio.

Do you have $ASML-3.1%stock in your portfolio?

I've been following the comments about the "bad" price for about 2 years when I've been accumulating this stock and I'd be quite interested to know what you actually expect to happen to this company to make its price drop? It regularly discloses the value of its pre-orders, so its earnings are clearly 1-2 years ahead, and EPS is expected to be +50% for 2025 (FP/E of 31, and that's about equivalent to a 10y median of 33). All those bigtechs that are now cursing AI can't do without this company and TSMC and they are almost the only companies that are growing, so if you buy the index you are practically betting on about 5-7 companies.

I bought today thanks to salad hands;)

Good results, unfortunately I don't own the company's shares and it's a great time for me, but they currently lack meaning because of the share price.

I've been holding for a long time. In my opinion it is a great and most importantly indispensable company. And what more can you ask for in a company than to have xy other companies depending on it for something like security.

I used to, I don't anymore. Currently, the price is too high for me.

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