Are you buying shares of $DIS-3.4% even at current prices?

I bought under $100 last year. Currently it's still a fine price, but I'm not buying anymore. I've beenpretty interested in $WBD+0.8% lately, though .



$90.94 -$3.19 -3.39%
Fair Price: $038.67
Ehohep: 65.88%
Dostupné pouze členům Bulios Black

I've already sold the position, I'd wait for the moment anyway.

I have a nice average here of $87 so I will still hold that anything above $100 is too much for me, however if the price goes below that I would buy in, so it depends on what the circumstances of the drop would be. I also overbought $WBD+0.8% recently, diluting the price ... I'm quite surprised that this company has become quite a frequent buyer interest now.

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