DraftKings : building on success in the fast-growing online betting market

- DraftKings $DKNG+0.7% is a leading brand in the rapidly growing online sports betting and gambling industry.

-$DKNG'+0.7%s revenue grew 64% in 2023, and with many states not supporting online betting, DraftKings has a long road of growth ahead of it.

- Forecasts show that by 2029, the online casino gaming and sports betting market could reach a value of more than $150 billion.

- DraftKings $DKNG+0.7% is also creating success by entering new markets, which is fueling profit growth. It is targeting adjusted EBITDA of over $2 billion by 2028.

- The recent acquisition of Jackpocket expands the addressable market by another $100 billion.

- DraftKings shares trade at 54 times forward earnings estimates, while improving profitability is an important catalyst for the stock this year, which could lead to new highs.

A gambling venture, would you be interested in investing in such a company?



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