On Holding: Crossing borders in footwear and apparel

- On Holding $ONONis-2.8%a Swiss manufacturer of sports footwear and apparel with innovative patented CloudTec cushions.

- With-2.8%support from athletes such as Nicola Spirig and Roger Federer,$ONOND-2.8%has established itself in the Swiss market and is now expanding into the US and China.

- The company's revenue is up 47% and adjusted EBITDA is up 68% in 2023.

- The company's sales are expected to grow at a 26% rate through 2026, which would double its annual revenue to 3.6 billion Swiss francs ($3.9 billion).

- Shares in $ONON-2.8% are trading at just four times this year's revenue, offering an attractive investment opportunity.

- If the company achieves its growth targets, it could see a fourfold increase in revenue and a one-fifth increase in profits by the end of the decade.

Are you interested in On Holding, its business and would you consider adding it to your portfolio?

$39.39 -$1.13 -2.79%
Fair Price: $11.78
Qmgtumpq: 88.33%
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I see the company hasn't been in business very long. Looks very interesting, though. From what I've been looking at the projections for further growth, the company could really get to multiples of current values in the next few years. Great discovery!

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