Microsoft gives up its seat on the OpenAI Board

Microsoft relinquishes position

-$MSFT+0.4% has relinquished its observer seat on the OpenAI Board of Directors.

- The move comes amid regulatory scrutiny of generative artificial intelligence in the US and Europe.

Improving governance at OpenAI

-$MSFT+0.4% said the observer position is no longer necessary due to improvements in the AI start-up's governance over the past eight months.

- "Over the past eight months, we have seen significant progress from the newly formed board and are confident in the direction of the company. Given all of this, we no longer believe our limited role as an observer is necessary," Microsoft said in a July 9 letter to OpenAI.

New approach to engagement and regulatory concerns

- OpenAI has introduced a new approach to engaging strategic partners such as Microsoft and Apple through regular stakeholder meetings.

- Microsoft's observer seat and investment of more than $10 billion in OpenAI has raised concerns from antitrust authorities in Europe, the UK and the US about its control of OpenAI.



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I think it would be great if it had "only" an observation function. He is, after all, the majority owner if I'm not mistaken. Regulations OK, but from a certain point on they start to bother me. I think it would speed up progress very significantly.

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