Which companies is Stanley Druckenmiller, the most profitable investor of today, currently buying?

Stanley Druckenmiller - not as well known as Warren Buffett, but his track record is similarly admirable. Such a person is therefore most worth listening to. Moreover, when he beats the market even in such an unusual situation!

Stanley Druckenmiller. In the shadow of his more famous colleagues, but not in terms of results!

His results are absolutely incredible. However, he remains somewhat in the shadow of his more famous colleagues, such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Ray Dalio, who are very visible in the media. This investor has NEVER had a losing year. Meet Stanley Druckenmiller

Still, he is a big name to listen to. Even more so when he beats the market even in such an unusual situation!

In an interview this fall, Stanley Druckenmiller of Duquesne Capital highlighted the investment opportunities in the AI sector and the market's fears of an impending recession. Druckenmiller attributed the stock market's unpredictability to the Russian-Ukrainian war, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Federal Reserve's tightening fiscal policy. He further explained:

"In my view, there is a high probability that the market will be flat at best for 10 years, sort of like the period from 1966 to 1982."

I also wrote about Druckenmiller's "flat" market here: Don't invest, don't give a damn. Nothing will happen for 10 years now, discourages investment by well-known billionaire

Stanley Druckenmiller noted that current market conditions are similar to those of 1966 and 1982. The billionaire also touched on US-China relations, saying that the trade war that has flared up in recent years could turn into an all-out conflict.


The bottom line? What (and why) investments has he made and is making in the wake of these statements? Stanley Druckenmiller's fund managed a $1.76 billion portfolio in the third quarter of 2022 and made the following purchases:

Teck Resources Limited

Stanley Druckenmiller's Duquesne Capital increased its stake in Teck Resources Limited $TECK+1.8% by 30% in the third quarter of 2022 and now owns 1.3 million shares valued at $41.7 million.

The company is engaged in the exploration, acquisition, development and production of natural resources in Asia, Europe and North America. It operates in the steel coal, copper, zinc and energy segments. The focus on commodities makes a lot of sense in the current environment.

Given the situation, the company gained a solid 31% over the fall


Datadog $DDOG+0.2% is a New York-based company that provides a monitoring and analytics platform for developers and cloud services. Stanley Druckenmiller nearly doubled its stake in the company in Q3 2022 and holds $70 million worth of stock.

Here, Druckenmiller in turn dilutes a position that is losing its value for now. All in all, the high-risk tech stock has understandably been punished severely this year. Still, they clearly believe in their product. And overall, Druckenmiller feels strong in the cloud and technology sector, as it has also increased its position in a similar company - Workday $WDAY-1.3%

Datadog, on the other hand, is being punished this year

Lamb Weston Holdings

Conversely,$LW-2.0% is once again something from the very other end of the scale. As the simple dictum goes - in a crisis, the most resilient companies are those that produce the most basic necessities. And that's where food undoubtedly falls. That's why Druckenmiller chooses a defensive title in the form of Lamb Weston Holdings. It manufactures, distributes and sells frozen potato products worldwide. Stanley bought back over $70 million worth of stock. What's more, the company is known for having a large moat due to its broad scope and "established" presence - though it might not seem like it at first glance.

The production of basic necessities - that's the character that's playing into the company's hands this year


When I say that one sector has performed significantly better than others this year, energy and oil is probably the one that comes to mind. And in this sector, Chevron is the classic of all classics. The $CVX-1.7% stock added a lot to the fund. Together, that adds up to over $99 million, or 5.62% of Stanley Druckenmiller's total portfolio.

The company has benefited from increased energy demand as COVID-related economic constraints have eased, along with concerns about supply disruptions related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Druckenmiller certainly knows what he is doing. He probably (like many others, including Buffett) believes that the rise in the value of energy companies is far from over-and that's why he's buying at seemingly high prices.

No surprise there. These companies have had an amazing year

Disclaimer: This is in no way an investment recommendation. This is purely my summary and analysis based on data from the internet and other sources (YTB, Yahoo - 13F). Investing in the financial markets is risky and everyone should invest based on their own decisions. I am just an amateur sharing my opinions.

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