Exclusive video interview with Michal Semotan

On our YouTube channel today we released a video interview with experienced portfolio manager Michal Semotan, which was created at our first Bulios INVEST NIGHT event!

Why does Michal Semotan think the markets are already ignoring the war?

At the event, Michal Semotan and I discussed the January stock market rally, the lingering problems in the stock markets, the war, WFT, portfolio changes, as well as how he got into $ZIM+4.8%, for example.

There were more topics of course, but the audience played its part as well, sparking an interesting discussion with Michal on a variety of topics. Among the most interesting ones I would like to highlight 👇

  1. What would have to happen for him to sell all the shares of ČEZ?
  2. Why is Coca-Cola able to maintain and increase its prices in the long term? Is it the brand?
  3. How do you feel about the government breaking up the banks? Isn't that favoritism over competition?

For more information on these and many other topics, click here 👇

(11) Markets have started to ignore the war in Ukraine, it could bring them down again, says Michal Semotan - YouTube

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