The funds of billionaires Soros, Cohen and Simons invested heavily in the company's stock last quarter

Billionaires have swung our way and in recent months some of them have agreed to invest in one company. Which company?

George Soros

Thanks to Form 13F, we know what stocks big investors and well-known funds have been interested in. The Form 13F is a document that must be filed by any investment fund manager that manages $100 million or more in assets. This form is used to report information about the fund's investment activities.

So today we're going to take a look at what George Soros, Steve Cohen and Jim Simons' funds have been buying 👇.

Soros Fund Management

George Soros

Soros Fund Management acquired about 42,000 shares of Tesla $TSLA+5.1% stock last quarter. The purchases increased their stake to about 132,000 shares worth more than $16 million as of December 31.

  • The George Soros fund also bought bullish call options on another 200,000 shares of the automaker.
  • But in addition to Tesla, it also bought shares of $GOOGL+2.6% and $DIS-2.2%, adding more than 1 million Class A shares to its already-owned holdings in Google and adding another 743,160 shares, and it owned 123,736 shares in Disney and decided to increase its position in Disney by more than 53%.

Point72 Asset Management (Cohen)

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen's Point72 Asset Management increased the volume of Tesla $TSLA+5.1% call options from 50,000 to 60,500 last quarter.

The New York Mets owner's hedge fund also bought 878,000 Tesla shares worth $108 million at the end of December, putting Musk's company in the top 60 of nearly 1,500 holdings at the end of the year.

In addition, Point72 built a new stake in GameStop $GME+1.7%, a video game retailer. It should be 606,000 shares as of Dec. 11, with a value of $31 million.

  • Cohen surprised, however, with his investments in smaller players in the pharmaceuticals sector, specifically opening positions in $MRNS+2.4% and $DAWN-1.3%.

Renaissance Technologies (Simons)

Jim Simons

Jim Simons' Renaissance Technologies increased its stake in Tesla $TSLA+5.1% from 1,400 shares to 3.4 million shares last quarter. The purchases increased the value of its position more than 1,000-fold, from less than $400,000 to more than $400 million as of Dec. 31.

So the most bought stock by billionaires was Tesla, but there is one exception 👇

Chanos & Company (Chanos)

Jim Chanos

Jim Chanos's fund massively increased its bet against Tesla (shorts) last quarter and chose a few more bearish bets against meme stocks, cryptocurrency companies and high-flying tech stocks.

Moreover, the seasoned investor said he expects the electric vehicle maker's growth to slow and its profits to decline. He cited growing competition from traditional automakers and the relatively small size of the luxury car market as major headwinds for Elon Musk's company.

  • What do you think about the purchases of billionaires and their funds?
  • Do you have $TSLA stock in your portfolio as well?

Please note that this is not financial advice. Every investment must go through a thorough analysis.

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