The 4 most famous billionaires in the world have recently started to bet on this sector.

A lot of people look under the big players' hands and take inspiration from them, for example, in stock selection. But did you know that you can also spot a potential new trend this way? Today, we're going to take a look at an interesting coincidence.

A lot of investors around the world are looking at the big players and taking inspiration from their stock purchases. But if you look at it from a longer distance, and from a slightly different perspective, you may also discover potential trends that could make you money in the future. And now it looks like one such trend is starting to take shape.

Wealthy people, and especially billionaires, tend to have access to much better, and better quality, information than ordinary investors. They even used to have access to this information before the great mass of people registered. Why is that? Quite simply, because of their wealth, they are also relatively well connected and have some influence. In short, these people have the opportunity to work with experts in various fields who can alert them to such a potential trend.

What usually happens is that we suddenly see a portfolio manager, or a big investor, buying certain stocks in bulk. But it is rare that the most famous billionaires agree on one sector to invest in virtually at the same time. But now that billionaires seem to agree on one sector, let's take a closer look.

George Soros

Soros is one of the world's most successful investors, known for his work in hedge funds and currency speculation. Soros is also the founder of Soros Fund Management Holdings.

As revealed in a 13F report filed by Soros' company, Soros recently bought Horizon Therapeutics PLC $HZNP worth $325 million, which now makes up 5.54% of his portfolio.

Horizon Therapeutics PLC is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and commercialization of drugs for rare diseases. The company has a diversified portfolio of products, including therapies for gout, eye disease, and rare diseases.

Of course, this purchase does not mean or imply anything. So let's broaden our perspective.

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He is the founder and co-investment director of Bridgewater Associates, one of the world's largest hedge funds. Dalio is known for his investment philosophy based on the principles of "radical transparency" and "radical truthfulness", which emphasize the importance of honest feedback and open communication in decision-making processes. He is also the author of the book "Principles: Life and Work", which outlines his approach to life and business. In addition to his investment activities, Dalio is a major philanthropist who supports a wide range of causes related to education, health and the environment.

It is evident that Dalio has been a believer in healthcare and pharmaceuticals for a long time. Among his top 5 holdings, 2 are from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. These are Procter & Gamble Co $PG+0.2% and Johnson & Johnson $JNJ .-0.3% Together, they make up 7.57% of the hedge fund's entire portfolio.

I don't think I even need to introduce these companies. I'm sure all of you have products from these companies at home. What caught my eye, though, is that in a recent interview, Dalio noted that biotechnology is one of the current investment areas that he finds interesting. So I would expect that we may see some of that new positioning here in the near future as well.

Jeff Bezos

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos needs no introduction to you. He may not have made any investments like this, but earlier this week Amazon officially closed its $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical. Earlier this year, Amazon introduced a low-cost generic drug subscription service for Prime members.

The move comes after the full rollout of Amazon Pharmacy, and other investments around telehealth. So, as we can see, Bezos has also thrown himself into the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Mark Cuban

is an American billionaire businessman, television personality and media owner whose net worth is estimated at $4.8 billion by Forbes. You may also know Cuban from the television series Shark Tank.

But more importantly for us, Cuban founded Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs Co. in 2021.

This company focuses on investing in pharmaceutical start-ups, using these acquisitions to create a large-scale structure of suppliers of various drugs. Cuban has thus essentially created a new pharmaceutical company by merging various companies to compete with Amazon in the pharmaceutical division.


So what do these 4 most famous billionaires have in common? It's one sector that they have recently invested in, or declared this sector interesting. That sector is healthcare. If we look above, we can see that they have all been involved in this sector in the last 2 years, and not just a little.

But these 4 billionaires are not the only ones who believe in this sector. Personally, lately I have seen more and more information about other billionaires investing in this sector. So is this a new trend that investors can profit from? Personally, I think that there is definitely a lot of potential in this sector, which will probably be underlined by the investments of the people mentioned above. Anyway, it will be quite hard to find potential winners here.

So personally, I would probably see some of those sector ETFs as a good option for investors, to provide some diversification and protect them from potential problems.

WARNING: I am not a financial advisor, and this material does not serve as a financial or investment recommendation. The content of this material is purely informational.

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