$^DJI-0.1% pulled off a nice job last night. What do you think?

I think the investor joy is quite unjustified, the index is reacting positively to what it should be reacting rather negatively to - raising the debt ceiling etc.

I watched it yesterday too and found it interesting. And as you write it's actually a bit of a paradox that the index reacted positively to it.

Maybe the Fed will put an end to this and we'll get our feet on the ground.

I agree with you, the market values even negative news quite positively. However, the biggest problem for markets is usually uncertainty, so probably better a negative outlook than an uncertain one. :D

Yesterday was another very optimistic day in the market. That happens sometimes😊Maybe it will fall again, but at the moment we need to take it as it is and not let things get out of hand.

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