Google $GOOG+0.1% took a big hit on Wednesday, with shares falling more than 5%. They ended the momentary growth, at least for a while.

Yesterday, when most stocks and indices were giving back gains after Wednesday's plunge, Google stayed around zero and ended the day with a small loss.

Will this be the stock that first starts the correction so others can follow?



$183.60 $0.25 +0.14%

From a trade perspective, something might show up, overall now they had a one day drop in big tech, $MSFT+0.4% went down $10 in one day. Anyway, I'll join the others as I was buying at 89$ too so I'll hold on. Of course, if it bounced back to around $100, I'd probably be overbought. 😊

It's a decent drop.

But I don't really care. I intend to hold $GOOGL+0.1% stock for the long term, so I'm not concerned.

Decent descent, but nothing that would threaten or embarrass me😉

I think it's a matter of a few days before Google deletes it again.

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