Arm has signed agreements with large technology firms for IPOs worth $50 billion to $55 billion.

Apple Inc $AAPL+0.1%, Nvidia Corp $NVDA-2.6%, Alphabet Inc $GOOGL+0.0% and Advanced Micro Devices Inc $AMD-2.7% have agreed to invest in the chip designer's initial public offering (IPO), according to sources familiar with the matter.

Intel Corp $INTC-5.4%, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Cadence Design Systems Inc $CDNS+0.8% and Synopsys $SNPS+0.5% Inc have also agreed to participate as investors in the offering, the sources added. Negotiations are still ongoing and some other potential investors are also in talks to invest in the IPO, the sources added.

SoftBank Group Corp, which owns UK-based Arm, is targeting a valuation of between $50 billion and $55 billion.

Will Arm's IPO be of interest to you? Will you think about investing? 🤔

I'll take a look at it, as I'm very interested😁

I also posted about this company here a few weeks ago and I'm expecting a pretty tumultuous stock market entry, so I don't know exactly what date that is supposed to be, if anyone knows? ...well, and as you write, the company is very important in the tech sphere, their chips are almost everywhere so I'm not surprised, and I know all these companies want to invest in them. The price can go high, but I would definitely expect a lot of volatility in the beginning, so I will just watch it there for potential trade and after maybe a month, as Martin also writes, I will look at some info and think about if the price will be ok for the long term 😊.

When is the IPO coming? :)

Well, I'm looking forward to it. It's gonna be a good fight. When's the IPO?

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