Is $SOFI+5.7% a lucrative investment for any of you, or do you even have $SOFI+5.7% stock in your portfolio ? Why do you like this company or just the opposite ? Thanks for your opinions ;)

$7.75 $0.42 +5.73%

It's probably an interesting company, but I don't have shares of this company in my portfolio and probably don't want to.

The company has an interesting product, but I don't like the stock. They're still losing money and the stock price is already falling again. Before 95% of all revenue is from the US. If they expand, it will cost more money, which the company doesn't have yet...

Today my alert went off for $7.7, but I haven't done anything yet. I'm not good at these technical analyses, so it's hard to look for a stopping point. Maybe someone can give me some advice. Fundamentally it makes sense to me, at least for the long term. It's about to flip into profitability.

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