A major milestone awaits RENK, a company known for its production of high-quality components for military vehicles, fighter jets and the automotive industry. On 5 October 2023, RENK will take centre stage when it goes public on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt. This IPO promises to become the largest in the German financial world this year and strengthen RENK's position as a leader in its sector.

RENK: History and focus

RENK has a rich history dating back to 1873, when it was founded in Augsburg, Germany. Since then, the company has become synonymous with engineering excellence and precision manufacturing of components for a variety of industries. Initially known primarily for its truck gearboxes, the company gradually expanded into other markets.

Military industry: RENK is a key supplier

RENK quickly became a key player in the military industry thanks to its precision-manufactured components and gearboxes. One of RENK's most famous products is the gearbox for the F-35 fighter jets, which is considered one of the most reliable in the world. The company also supplies parts for Gripen fighter jets, which are used in several countries and are known for their high manoeuvrability and performance.

Leopard tanks: innovations for the defence industry

Another important segment for RENK is the production of components for Leopard tanks, which are used by several European armies. RENK is a key supplier for these tanks, supplying gearboxes and other important components. Their reliability and performance are key factors for the success of Leopard tanks on the battlefield.

Automotive: In the past for Mercedes and BMW

In addition to the military industry, RENK also has a rich history of working with automotive manufacturers. In the past, the company was known for its cooperation with renowned brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Their gearboxes and other components were key elements in the cars of these prestigious brands.

IPO on the German stock exchange

On October 5, 2023, RENK will list on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt, making it the largest IPO in Germany this year. This event signals investor confidence in RENK's ability to continue to thrive and expand. The capital raised from the IPO will be invested in further technology development and product portfolio expansion.

RENK is already highly respected in the industrial world for its innovative approach and long-term focus on quality. Sustainability is an important factor for the company, not only in production but also in relation to the choice of materials and the environmental impact of its products. This is increasingly important today and is also becoming a key consideration for investors.

RENK is going public at a time when demand for advanced technologies for military and industrial purposes is increasing worldwide. The company has significant potential for growth, not only domestically but also internationally. Its product line, which includes gearboxes, transmissions and other components, has a wide range of applications and is a key component of many complex systems.

RENK is also known for its team of engineers and experts behind the development and production of these important components. The company invests in research and development to be able to respond to new challenges and market demands. This includes adapting to new technologies and trends such as automation and digitalization in the industrial sector.

The IPO of RENK will be a significant moment for the German financial market and an indicator of the stability and strength of German industry. It should give investors the opportunity to participate in the growth of this important company and support its further success.


RENK is a company with a long and successful history specialising in the production of high quality components for military vehicles, fighter jets and automobiles. Its listing on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt on 5 October 2023 represents a significant step in its development and growth. The company has significant potential for further expansion and innovation, making it an attractive investment opportunity for investors who are passionate about advanced technology and sustainability. RENK also symbolizes the strength of German industry and its ability to respond to changing market needs.

Thanks for the summary. I don't invest in Europe, but I welcome the expansion of the market with another company.

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