Investors, are you still putting your faith in the classic Big 5 tech stocks, or do you think these giants will be overtaken by other, new market players in the next decade?

Practically, I'm asking whether the market will continue to be dominated by the big tech companies we all know, or whether new companies will emerge in the market in the years to come. My bet is that the 5 will hold out even in the emerging AI trend, for example, and if competition emerges, they will simply buy it.

I trust these companies.

I believe that the big tech 5 will always be here and if there is a company that wants to overtake these companies or wants to compete with them at least a little bit, it will take them a few years, more like decades.

Brilliantly described by Philip so I just won't write another long opinion as it was well put. AI is obviously an advancement and we will see interesting changes, but I also think it will remain in the hands of the current giants. To me the big break was somewhere around the bubble, where these companies originated, like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple ... and to overcome them will be very challenging, I don't even know what would have to happen for that to happen.

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