Dell, once considered the darling of the tech world, has experienced an unexpected stock surge in the past year. The computer hardware maker has seen its stock rise nearly 120%, catching the attention of brokers across the country. However, the reasons for this sudden surge are not primarily due to their performance and may not be beneficial for the company in the long run.

One of the main factors that have led to the stock's rapid rise is the growing hype around artificial intelligence (AI). While AI has the potential to significantly increase productivity and boost revenue growth in the global economy, experts believe that the prospective benefits for a computer hardware company like Dell are more limited. This is because the company's direct involvement in the operation and development of AI is minimal.

Recent analyses of Dell's financial results have suggested a looming mismatch in terms of its earnings and future expectations. Analysts have predicted an 11% drop in Dell's revenue and a significant reduction in earnings per share (EPS) of more than 15%. This forecast appears to be in stark contrast to the company's soaring valuation over the past year and signals a potential disconnect from its market fundamentals caused by the general enthusiasm for artificial intelligence.

What do you think of Dell? Is it still relevant to you or do you think it has missed the train?



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I like Dell as a company very much, but it seems to me that, like Nokia, they somehow missed the train

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