🚀 Interesting insight into a growing player in the semiconductor market! 💡

SkyWater Technology $SKYT was introduced to the market in2021. This American company specializes in the development and manufacturing of semiconductors. Their headquarters are located in Bloomington, Minnesota. SkyWater is the only purely American company that focuses on integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing and isDMEA (Defense Microelectronics Activity) accredited . This accreditation validates their credibility as a supplier to the defense industry. SkyWater offers innovative engineering services and volume manufacturing of diverse ICs for a variety of applications. They work with companies to bring solutions to market in areas such as aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and healthcare. Also, their focus on artificial intelligence and the chip shortage in the industry is very interesting. 🤔

$7.57 $0.51 +7.22%

SkyWater occupies a unique position by partnering with clients to research and develop chips and provide advanced technology services. Approximately 80 % of their revenue comes from this area. With new investments and support from the US Department of Defense ,new opportunities are opening up for them. 🌟

While they are still in a stage where they are not profitable, they are well on their way to breaking even. The key will be to shift their clients to chip manufacturing and thus improve their operating margin. 📈

SkyWater is definitely an interesting player for me with a lot of potential, I will continue to follow this company.

Do you also have any companies in your sights that have great potential for growth?

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