1. Products and services: Rubrik specializes in cybersecurity, providing secure data to enterprise customers in cloud applications and software as a service (SaaS). Its services are based on machine learning (ML) capabilities, enabling it to effectively understand data threats and provide comprehensive cyber recovery solutions.

2. Growth potential: Rubrik is exhibiting a phase of rapid growth due to increased awareness of cyber threats and the need for effective security solutions. Its recurring subscription revenue has seen a significant increase, indicating strong demand for their services.

3. Strategic positioning: The company has a strategic position at the intersection of artificial intelligence, cloud and cybersecurity. The company's collaboration with Microsoft and focus on artificial intelligence enables the company to offer innovative solutions in a dynamic market.

4. Key Clientele: In particular, Rubrik's clients include AI pioneers such as Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon's AWS, as demonstrated by its recent IPO filing.

5.Planned IPO: Rubrik is planning an initial public offering (IPO) and is expected to raise up to $700 million. The issuers of this IPO are leading financial institutions, indicating significant investor interest and the expectation of strong market acceptance. Rubrik intends to offer 23 million shares at a price between $28 and $31.

Overall, Rubrik has solid fundamentals and a promising future within the growing cybersecurity and artificial intelligence market.

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