Coupang: Korean Amazon on the road to growth

- Coupang $CPNG+0.1% is Korea's leading online retailer that has successfully applied a strategy similar to Amazon.

-$CPNG+0.1% offers a wide selection of goods including groceries and can deliver goods within hours thanks to its Wow membership program.

- The number of Wow members grew by 27% last year to 14 million.

- The Korean market is smaller than Amazon's but still growing; it is expected to reach $563 billion by 2027.

- Last year, Coupang $CPNG+0.1% saw revenue growth of 18% and management expects further double-digit growth in 2024.

- The stock trades at a fair valuation of 1.63 times trailing earnings, offering an opportunity for growth.

Are you interested in Coupang's potential and would you consider it as an investment in your portfolios?

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Fair Price: $69.34
Usigwatq: 70.41%
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A proven Amazon business model that could work in Korea. This company is smart about it :) Do you have shares?

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