🎯 Key events of the week!

Here's another round-up of highlights I'll be following in the coming week.

❌Monday: Memorial Day, on this day the stock exchanges are in USA are closed, so we'll have a long weekend.

📊 Tuesday: Consumer Confidence Index from the Conference Board: Let's keep an eye on how consumer sentiment is changing, which can affect future consumer spending and thus the markets.

📖 Wednesday: Fed Beige Book: This important document provides a detailed look at the economic situation in each region of the US. It is one of the key indicators for the Fed's next steps .

Company results after the markets close: Salesforce $CRM+1.3%, HP $HPQand UiPath $PATH+5.2%.

📝 Thursday: Initial jobless claims: This data provides insight into the state of the labor market, which is key for macroeconomic analysis. Pending Home Sales: Keep an eye on developments in the housing market, which may affect the construction sector and consumer spending. 🏠

Post-close results fromCostco $COST-1.6% and Dell $DELL-2.3%: Results from these companies may offer insight into the retail and technology sectors. 🛒💻

📉Friday: Core PCE inflation data: This inflation indicator, which the Fed closely monitors, may influence future monetary policy.

Keep an eye on these important events! What news will you be watching? 📅💡

I'm interested in the $HPQ+0.4% and $COST-1.6% results, but otherwise I probably won't be watching anything else this week.

Results and time off is the most important thing for me this week :) I follow other events too, but it doesn't have that much impact on the market. I'm curious to see if we will continue to rise after the day off.

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