📺 Profitability in the streaming world!

Media companies are reporting growth in streaming this year due to price increases, password sharing restrictions and mass layoffs. However, profitability remains volatile.

🐭Disney $DIS+0.5% reported an operating profit of $47 million in its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) division , which includes Disney+ and Hulu, compared to a loss of $587 million in the prior-year period. But watch out, the company expects the division's results to be back in the red next quarter.



$97.13 $0.53 +0.55%
Target Price
149.47 (+53.89% Upside)

Comcast $CMCSA reported a loss of $639 million and Paramount Global $PARA $286 million in its streaming divisions.



$38.30 $0.55 +1.46%
Target Price
56.28 (+46.95% Upside)

$11.56 -$0.17 -1.45%
Target Price
20.45 (+76.90% Upside)

The📈 Warner Bros Discovery $WBD+0.3%, the only one of the larger media players to report steady profitability in its streaming unit. The company has been helped quite a bit by the results of the pay TV service we know asHBO.

$7.40 $0.02 +0.27%
Target Price
22.67 (+206.35% Upside)

💰Netflix $NFLX-0.8% made a profit of$2.6 billion in the first quarter .Disney CEO Bob Iger called Netflix' s "the gold standard" in the streaming industry.



$647.60 -$5.15 -0.79%
Target Price
363.3 (-43.90% Downside)

🚀 While streaming platforms are seeing growth, the constant changes in the industry remain a challenge. As advertising revenues continue to decline significantly, it will be difficult, perhaps impossible, to achieve the margins of the cable TV days, which were around 30-40 %.

📊 Share DTC of advertising, which is more personalised and targeted directly at consumers, has increased and represents a significant proportion of total advertising spend.

New packages such as StreamSaver From Comcast or a combination of services Disney+, Hulu and Max could reduce subscriber churn and attract new subscribers.

Personally, I'd need one platform for everything, I'm always intrigued by an interesting movie on some other platform. How about you?
Which streaming companies do you like the most?

Nicely written, I usually get around it somehow when I want to watch a show/movie, but we currently have HBO in the family, but we will be switching to Netflix, I am fundamentally opposed to it as I have $WBD+0.3% stock in my portfolio and $NFLX-0.8% stock not🤣.

As far as investments go, I'm pretty much the same as Luke.

I confess I don't actively use either. 🙈 It's a fact that I miss out on interesting new content, but about 2 years ago I decided that watching new series all the time just takes time I don't have and while I'm "young" I want to use that time differently. Of course, I have my favorites, I'm a fantasy dreamer and enthusiast, so if something new comes from my favorite horses, I'll pay for a month's stream, watch a series or a movie and go from there. As you say, I agree that it's different every time. For example, The Witcher on Netflix, Star Wars content on Disney, or something from Marvel, or even Amazon and Rings of Power based on Tolkien (and I'm forgetting quite a few things) ...

About the investment. There in my portfolio I have $DIS+0.5% (buying, taking advantage of the drop at $87 and trust in the CEO) plus a smaller position in $WBD+0.3% (low price, speculation, I believe in growth due to HBO)

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