UiPath (PATH) - Opportunity or sinking ship?

Stock performance:

- Shares of $PATH+5.2% have fallen by more than half from their February high.

- Down 35% in a single trading session after disappointing Q1 results.

Management and Outlook:

- The sudden departure of CEO Rob Enslin made investors nervous.

- Reduced revenue guidance to USD 1.405-1.410 billion (previously USD 1.555-1.560 billion).

Competitive pressure:

- Competitor C3.ai raised its revenue outlook to $382.5 million, a 43% year-over-year increase.

- The reduction in $PATH'+5.2% s outlook indicates a loss of competitive advantage against C3.ai.

Financial Health:

- GAAP loss of $87 million over the past 12 months.

- Generating positive free cash flow of $325 million over the past year.


- Shares of $PATH+5.2% trade at approximately 20.5 times trailing free cash flow.

- Long-term growth opportunity for investors looking for profitable software companies.

Customer base:

- Customer retention with a net dollar retention rate of 118%.

- Partnership with Microsoft and integration with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

- Stock is potentially attractive to long-term investors after a significant decline.

- Growth prospects due to growing demand for automation of repetitive office tasks.

- Stock down -56% from February high.

- Reduced revenue outlook: $1.405-1.410 billion vs. $1.555-1.560 billion previously.

- Profit margin: generates positive free cash flow of $325 million.

- Valuation: 20.5 times trailing free cash flow.

- Customer retention: 118% net dollar retention rate.

What is your opinion of the company?

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