🔍 Danger for Intel and AMD!? 💡

Longtime personal computer market leaders Intel $INTC and AMD $AMD-0.3% face a new challenge. UK chipmaker Arm $ARM-0.3% is coming up with ambitious plans to make a push in this market, especially through Qualcomm $QCOM-1.4% and their Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus chips , which will soon appear in laptops from manufacturers ASUS, Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

The company Arm is a leading manufacturer and designer of chips that are renowned for their exceptional efficiency. Their chips, used in smartphones, tablets and now increasingly in personal computers, excel at low power consumption while maintaining high performance. This efficiency is the result of advanced design and optimization, enabling longer battery life and better heat management.

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Arm is already behind the successful "M" Company's Apple For MacBooks and iMacs. However, in the past they have encountered problems working with Microsoft on the platform Windows. This negative sentiment seems to be a thing of the past. Microsoft is now betting on chips Qualcomm based Arm for its new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, which is part of the new standard Microsoft Copilot+.

Daniel Newman, CEO of The Futurum Group, called the move "a major breakthrough" in the PC market. In fact, Microsoft claims that Qualcomm X Elite provides up to o 51 % 51% more performance for the same power consumption than competing chips while consuming 65 % less power to achieve peak performance.

Analysts like Bob O'Donnell of TECHnalysis Research point out that Qualcomm delivers performance and battery life that can compete with even Apple Macs. Arm doesn't plan to rely on Qualcomm alone, however .Arm' s CEO , Rene Haas, believes that other manufacturers will join theArmplatform in the future, and that within five years they may gain as much as 50 % of the Windows PC market in five years.

Intel and AMD are not passive spectators of this development. Intel recently unveiled a new Lunar Lake chip that promises o 40 % lower power consumption and a 50 % higher graphics performance. AMD is also coming out with a new line of Ryzen AI 300 processors that are optimized for AI applications.

💭 What do you think, will $ARM-0.3%become the new leader in PC chips? What do you think of ARM, which went public on 09/15/2023 and has seen its stock price rise more than 120% since then? 📢👇

I haven't heard of the company, but the growth there is solid and from what you write it looks like the company has quite a bit of growth potential.

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