📈💡 3 Interesting companies on long hold!

If you plan to hold stocks for decades to come, I have 3 interesting stocks for you to put on your list. Coca-Cola $KO+1.6%, Chipotle Mexican Grill $CMG-3.7% and Hormel Foods $HRL+2.3%. Here's a brief overview of each stock.

Coca-Cola: A huge player with an unshakable position 🥤
With a market capitalization of approximately $270 billion, it is one of the giants in the consumer goods industry. The stability of its iconic brands and global distribution network give it a huge advantage. Because of its size and financial strength ,Coca-Cola can support its brands with intensive advertising and new product acquisitions. Thanks to this strategy, smaller competitors are often not on the same level, which reinforces Coca-Cola's market dominance . No wonder it is considered to be the "dividend king" with more than 60 years of annual dividend increases. The current dividend yield is approximately 3 %.

$65.28 $1.01 +1.57%

Chipotle Mexican Grill: a rising star in the foodservice industry 🌯
It is a relatively young company compared toMcDonald's, but has already established itself as a strong player in the restaurant industry. Its unique concept of freshly prepared food on an assembly line has become an inspiration for many others. Despite its high stock price ,Chipotle continues to show strong growth. In the first quarter of 2024, sales grew by 14 % to $2.7 billion, indicatingcontinued strong demand. Same-store sales grew by 7 %, which is twice as much as McDonald's. Although Chipotle doesn't pay a dividend, its growth potential makes it an attractive investment to hold for the long term.

$55.62 -$2.12 -3.67%

Hormel Foods: stable dividend king 🍖
Like Coca-Cola, this company is known as a dividend king with 58 years of continuous dividend increases. While not as big as Coca-Cola, its stable of leading brands like Spam and Planters makes it a solid investment. Despite current challenges like inflation and bird flu, Hormel has a long history of success and innovation. Investors can trust that the company will overcome its current difficulties and return to growth. Patience can pay off here, as Hormel offers a high dividend yield and the potential for future growth.

$32.09 $0.73 +2.33%

What's your take on these companies?
Which companies would you include in your long-term portfolio?

The $HRL+2.3% is interesting. I'll check it out.

$HRL+2.3% is the best value for me right now. I'll take a look at it and maybe even buy something. I'll see :)

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