Crypto basics: 3 best crypto brokers for 2022

Choosing the right crypto broker may seem easy but it may not be true at all. Of course the right choice depends on your requirements, if you are a beginner then your priority is probably a simple user interface, another priority may be security or low fees.

Choosing the right broker according to your chosen criteria.

As I have already written you will find a lot of posts according to which a different broker is always the best or alternate certain well-known names like Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Coinbase, and many others. I would divide this sorting into 3 categories as there are different types of investors and each investor prioritizes something different. Some exchanges offer the most competitive pricing or speed, while others provide specialized financial products.

1. For beginners

In association with beginners, Coinbase is often associated with beginners because of their easy-to-use interface, extensive educational material on everything from blockchain to volatility, and robust security features, which are excellent features for this type of user. Experienced investors will also have heard of this exchange in connection with their listing, which has often been touted as the first step towards legitimizing cryptocurrencies.

The Coinbase platform does a great job of lowering the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency investing with a simple registration process that makes it easy for users to trade. Their interface also makes navigating the platform and managing cryptocurrencies seamless.

As I mentioned earlier Coinbase offers a comprehensive and accessible range of learning materials that create a definite competitive advantage, at least in the realm of users with beginner status. Users are encouraged to take advantage of these resources through the Coinbase Earn program, which teaches how to trade specific cryptocurrencies and rewards users with free cryptocurrencies.

As far as security is concerned, Coinbase has that pretty well covered too. Coinbase uses two-factor authentication on all versions of its platform, stores 98% of customers' cryptocurrencies offline, and has an insurance policy to protect deposit accounts up to $250,000 .

These quality measures are why Coinbase is ultimately worthwhile, despite the higher fees. Users who like Coinbase but would like more advanced trading and charting features have the option of progressing to the company's next platform - Coinbase Pro.

2. Low fees, for the more demanding

When it comes to low fees, one of the leaders is definitely Binance, a broker I personally use and am very satisfied with. Binance even includes a different fee structure, as they have their own coin BNB, which if you use to pay, you get even lower fees.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume and its US partner, Binance.US, offers many of the benefits of the former. One of their biggest competitive east is the fee structure, which peaks at 0.1%. This fee starts low and steadily decreases as your trading volume increases, which is certainly attractive to investors who trade in higher volumes.

The exchange contains over 120 cryptocurrencies, all of which can be bought for USD, saving money on conversion fees for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies directly. This variety of discounts and purchase options is beneficial for advanced users who can also take advantage of the platform's comprehensive market dashboards, margin trading, and various order types including limit orders, market orders, and stop limit orders.

3. Security is a project that I also use and have invested in myself, so my confidence in this project is clear. Many rate them as the best company in terms of protection because of their multiple layers of protection against crypto fraud and cyber attacks.

Most reputable crypto exchanges have a solid cybersecurity infrastructure but this is where really stands out against the competition. The exchange is ranked number one in the Cybersecurity and Certification Platform's top 100 exchanges by cybersecurity rating, which is a really good ranking. uses various techniques to ensure the security of users' cryptocurrencies on its trading platform, including an offline repository for all cryptocurrencies, a regulated depository bank account for traditional currency, and regular peer review software. It also uses multi-factor identification using password, biometric verification, email, phone and authenticator. In addition, their platform has successfully passed several penetration tests, which are simulated cyber-attacks to evaluate the security of the system, and has proven its financial resources over the years.

Security is not the only attraction of The exchange offers the largest selection of currencies among all the companies on our list - more than 250 coins.

Be sure not to underestimate the choice of the right broker and make it count. As you can see, depending on your requirements, there are many quality projects out there. I personally use Binance and and for low cap altcoins still Kucoin.

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