Hey, investors.

I recently wrote a status here about fundamental analysis, which also includes management.

For me, management is very important in fundamental analysis. Because management decides what will happen to the company or, for example, what dividend will be paid and they can also partly influence the development of the share price by their actions.

It is not usually the case that I decide not to buy a stock because of management. However, it has happened to me with $TSLA-4.0%, for example. $TSLA-4.0% is a nice company and I see a lot of potential there, but because of Musk, who is controversial and makes moves I don't like, I decided not to buy Tesla stock.

Where do you stand and how important is management to you in doing fundamental analysis?

Alternatively, if you decided not to buy the stock because of management, can you write why and possibly who in management made that decision.

Management is quite important to me, I like to see competent people with some history. That's why I'm not afraid of Tesla. I have a lot of confidence in Musk, no matter how controversial he is.

Management is important for me, I want to see a person who has founded the company, has experience, understands the company and is a visionary 😀

Management I do, I quite like to see when it is still run by one of the founders or someone who has been in the company from the beginning. If it's a tech. company, it should be run by a ceo with a strong tech. background. I rather like management that is not so visible and doesn't get involved in politics and avoids controversy. I need him to be able to communicate with investors, so I don't fall asleep at conference calls;)

I look at management's efficiency, experience in the industry, transparency, quality of their actions, attitude towards shareholders and sometimes it doesn't hurt to study their financial rewards.

Managment is an important part of the analysis. After all, these are the people who remotely manage my money.

When I see Indians in management I don't buy, I have bad experiences with them.

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