I don't know about you, but I'm going to close a position on Alphabet $GOOGL-1.4% today that I took at $91. It gave me +34% in the short term. I was originally planning on a longer term hold, but what is happening in the markets has nothing to do with healthy growth.

$183.92 -$2.61 -1.40%
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I plan to sell some and keep some.

Totally agree, I unloaded the entire position last Friday with a similar % gain. As soon as (hopefully) the market returns to "normal" I'll jump back in. 👍

I am buying Google for a long term investment and intend to hold on. The fact that it's high now and about to fall off doesn't bother me, but in the long run the price will surely get here again.

I don't know about you, but I bought Google as a great company that is undervalued and I still see it that way, so I have no reason to sell.

I don't know, I've thought about it too, but the interest in AI may well push it up another month/e. This does revive a bit the fear that a bubble is forming.

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