5 companies with a growth potential of over 300%

Recent weeks have been very optimistic in the market. The risk of a recession has almost been forgotten and the US is once again driving the markets higher thanks to the agreement to raise the debt ceiling. This very positive sentiment has spilled over from the major technology stocks to the indices and from those in turn to the smaller companies. Gradually, this wave of optimism after earnings season hit almost all growth stocks. The following companies could continue to benefit from this sentiment.

1. TuSimple Holdings ($TSP-5.7%)

TuSimple Holdings is a technology company focused on autonomous truck driving. The company was founded in 2015 to develop and deploy safe and efficient autonomous trucks.

TuSimple's main product is its self-driving truck system . This system uses advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and sensors to enable the vehicle to autonomously detect its surroundings, plan a route, react to traffic situations and perform steering without human intervention.

$0.25 -$0.02 -5.66%

The company is also working with manufacturers to integrate its technology directly into new vehicles. In this way, it is working towards a fast and smooth adoption of autonomous driving in the market.

TuSimple has only been listed on the stock exchange for a short time - since 2021. This move has given it access to additional funding. Unfortunately, this company is still unprofitable, but once it manages to enter the market with both feet, it could offer a super opportunity for the future.

It' s also currently riding on the hype around AI, but its potential is far from exhausted.

2. 180 Life Sciences Corp. ($ATNF-2.6%)

180 Life Sciences Corp. is a biotech company focused on developing drugs to treat inflammatory diseases. The company focuses on research and development of novel therapeutic approaches to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from serious diseases such as pancreatitis and chronic pain.

$2.08 -$0.06 -2.56%

The company has been under pressure for most of the year. Aside from closing a $3 million funding round in April, it did not see many significant events. The company said it intends to use the net proceeds from the offering for expenses, research, development and general corporate purposes. These include preparing the registration statement and legal fees.

180 Life Sciences is working with renowned scientific institutions, academic partners and experts in drug research and development. The company's goal is to provide innovative and effective therapeutic options for patients suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases.

While the company's stock is down right now, there is a great opportunity looking at the risk. You can't lose that much if it doesn't pan out, but the potential here is huge. Just at its peak, which the stock left 2 years ago, it's over 18,000% appreciation from today's levels.

3. Aemetis Inc. ($AMTX+6.1%)

Aemetis Inc. is an American company focused on advanced biofuels and chemicals. The company specializes in the production of renewable fuels, including biofuel, biogas, and advanced chemicals that serve as alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.

The Company's principal activities are: production of bioethanol, biogas and chemicals.

$3.44 $0.20 +6.13%

Aemetis' main production facility is the bioethanol plant in Keyes, California, which has a capacity of approximately 60 million gallons (227 million liters) of bioethanol per year. Here, various feedstocks, including corn, sugarcane and other biomaterials, are used to produce renewable fuel.

It's basically a kind of streoidech biogas plant. In the Czech Republic we also have at least one biogas plant in the foothills of the Orlické Mountains.

In addition to biofuel production, Aemetis Inc. is also involved in other projects and cooperates with other entities in the renewable fuels sector, including research and development of new technologies.

4. Lilium NV ($LILM-5.2%)

Lilium is a German air mobility company. Its main vision is to create a revolutionary air transport system based on electric air taxis (a type of aircraft designed to carry passengers over short distances in an urban environment) that are capable of vertical take-off and landing.

$0.92 -$0.05 -5.22%

Lilium develops and builds small electric aircraft powered by eight wing-mounted motors. These aircraft have the ability to take off and land vertically, allowing them to operate from small airstrips and heliports.

After take-off, they switch to horizontal flight mode and reach speeds of up to 300 km/h. Lilium is focusing on building a network of heliports in cities to enable fast and environmentally friendly transportation between different locations.

The company has only been on the stock market for a short time - since 2021 - and has managed to lose over 90% of its value in that time . The fact that it started at an obviously high price for the market highlights the significant potential in the transportation of the future.

If this still-small company can get its planes into a large number of cities, it would be a mode of transport that everyone would want to try at the very least. This is then followed by another monetization opportunity - the lending of aircraft and other equipment on which the company could benefit.

5. Stereotaxis Inc. ($STXS-1.5%)

Stereotaxis is an American company specializing in medical technology and robotic systems for cardiac intervention. Their main product is a system called the "Robotic Magnetic Navigation System" (RMN), which enables precise and non-invasive navigation through a catheter (a flexible tube used in medicine for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes) during cardiology procedures.

$1.95 -$0.03 -1.52%

Stereotaxis uses magnetic navigation to enable precise control and guidance of the catheter using a magnetic field. This allows physicians to reach hard-to-reach sites in the heart and perform complex procedures with high precision, minimizing invasive procedures.

The combination of Abbott's cardiac mapping system with Stereotaxis robotic technology enables real-time diagnostic information with precise delivery of robotic therapy.

"The combination of these two technologies is a pivotal event for the community of physicians who pioneered and promoted robotics in electrophysiology," said Dr. J. Peter Weiss, electrophysiologist and clinical professor of medicine at Banner University of Arizona Medical Center.

Each of these stocks has more to offer, and the current low prices offer a nice profit-to-risk ratio. Several have ridden the positive AI wave so far and may yet benefit from it in the future.

If anyone has any of the above companies in their portfolio, I'd be happy to discuss in the comments.

This is not a financial advisory. I am providing publicly available data and sharing my views on how I would handle the situations myself. Investing is risky and everyone is responsible for their decisions.

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