After some time, I checked to see how my Enphase $ENPH+6.8% was doing. And overall I'm satisfied, what I expected happened. The drop after earnings was ridiculously large and we are slowly recovering.

$119.33 $7.65 +6.85%
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Enterpr. Val.

Plus, looking at the full year, earnings of $5.57 per share and sales of $3.1 billion are expected. These totals would represent changes of +20.56% and +33.12% from last year. So if they maintain and meet these forecasts, we could be back to the $200 mark (in my opinion) given the circumstances.

Also, does anyone here have $ENPH+6.8% stock?

Enphase is great 👍

I also bought$ENPH+6.8% at the lows, I dare say we could see well over $200 this year. I'm holding long, it's my only energy short.

I also like this company and see growth in it. They have a big presence in the market, a lot in Europe as well. Great technology and most importantly they are always trying to improve. I have bought even out of the slump and believe they will make decent money. 😊

Photovoltaics and micro inverters are very interesting technologies. With this company, I know they are becoming an overlooked leader, gradually rolling out their technology, customer approach, collaborations and more. I sold at $293 and haven't had them since, the price was close to my limit but it fell short by a few pennies so I'm still just observing for now.

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