Parto, another week of results!

Do you have anything interesting you are waiting for or where you see potential. On Friday I believe there will be some interesting $NIO-4.4%

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine too. 😃

I'm curious about $NIO-4.4%...I'm going to buy it just don't know if before Friday or after :-)

I'll keep an eye on $GME+0.0% and $NIO-4.4%. But only watch, I don't own shares or plan to buy them.

Even though it's a little late, I wish you a good rest of the weekend too :)

Well, it's pretty empty already, but best of luck in the end! I'll be watching, but I don't have the shares.

I didn't even know the results were still going on when the big players had already posted their results. I'll definitely wait for Friday, but not really since my position in Niu is already very small.

Friday will be fun here 😂

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