I'm not really open to short trades like that, but I'll brag. Exactly a month ago, I bought a couple dozen shares of $U+3.6% for less than $25. As of today, thanks to Apple and the new partnership with Unity, the stock has strengthened and as of today I'm at over 40% appreciation in just a month.

Were you also able to buy and possibly sell some good stuff?

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Well, you caught it really well! Congratulations. Occasionally you might buy Palantir at the bottom and then see that rapid growth in a month, but that happens about once a year if you're lucky.

Great deal! I have such appreciation only in trading where I keep time/money management and trade on 5M charts, anyway my fastest trade took exactly 11 seconds with about 5% appreciation on the US100 index 😊

Awesome trade, I haven't delved into the world of trading yet, I'm trying to keep myself educated and when I'm sure of my steps, then maybe.

I don't know the company, I haven't seen the collaboration with Apple. I hold that one and I like it, anyway, only good for the companies because Apple is strong a lot and so it can help them. Otherwise a top buy, it's been a few months but $META-2.8% caught it down and now I have over 50% profit on it already.

I hadn't considered this company at all, but thank you for the tip. Otherwise as far as buying goes, I managed to buy $AAPL+1.3% just over $130 and am currently over 40% in the black and holding on.

Can I ask what fundamentals convinced you to buy Unity? Were the circumstances of the partnership with Apple already known at the time?

Nice bottom, congratulations. It's gonna be $SOFI+3.0% for me. Over +50% in a month, but I'm not cashing out - long term investment.

Great! I bought well shares of $LAZR+10.1% during the January correction, buying from $3.9-$5 there.

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