So finally, neither $NVDA-5.8% nor $AMD-7.7% have recovered from yesterday's losses, which they suffered before the market opened on reports that the US government could again adjust chip shipments to China.

Although they looked to take profits during trading to erase their losses, both firms ended the trading day in the red.

Is this a sign of slowing growth or just a slight wobble in the ongoing trend - this is more true on $NVDA-5.8%. $AMD-7.7% has already erased the post-earnings jump and is now having a hard time holding on to its last support.

I'm reading this status 3 days later and it looks like just a little blip :)

The restrictions are significant and can hit companies' revenues, so the drop is appropriate. The US doesn't have much choice here if it doesn't want to see the development of technology and AI in China.

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