Investors, what stocks have you been most interested in recently and why?

I've been interested in $AMZN+0.5%, $NKE+3.2% and $CVX-0.8% stocks lately. I see some potential in all three stocks, and $NKE+3.2% and $CVX-0.8% are at a nice price recently. Plus, all three stocks are from a completely different sector. Tech. stocks are already in my portfolio, but NKE and CVX could diversify my portfolio nicely.

At a fair price, $NKE+3.2% is 21% now you're talking :)

$AMZN+0.5% is a classic, awesome. Also watching and have in my portfolio and growing nicely, just sorry I don't have it for more. Investing now. Well, hard to say, so on a 5-10 year horizon I'm sure it will be higher, but it's the psyche of well, buying a stock at the top, you don't want to. And then the $NKE+3.2% one yeah, I've been eyeing that one too since it got under $100. 😊

I've been shopping $CVS-0.7% recently. That's still a very good value in my opinion. And otherwise, of course, the ARM IPO yesterday. It will be interesting to see how the stock performs going forward.

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