What is a better investment for you? Sony $SONY-0.3% with its Playstation, or a competitor in the form of $MSFT-1.2% with its Xbox? Who could be the future winner in the game console sector?

Who knows, maybe $AAPL-2.3% will step in and the future of gaming consoles will hang on plugging our Iphone into our TV/monitor and using our handheld computer. I'm referring to the boost with the new 15pro at 4x the GPU power. What do you guys think? Could this be a future gamechanger for this area? :)

I'm of the same opinion as the others. Playstation is the better console, however, as far as stock goes, $MSFT-1.2% clearly leads.

Playstation is a better console, but a better investment in my opinion is $MSFT-1.2%.

For me, Playstation is clearly leading the way, but in terms of investment, it's the exact opposite for me.

I don't think the question is quite right. Both consoles are pretty irrelevant to them because they make almost nothing on them (more like a loss;)

I've never really been into consoles, I prefer video games on PC. It would be interesting to see Apple get involved in this jurisdiction. I don't think plugging a mobile into a monitor (anytime soon), but why not maybe its own platform. Surely they must have thought of it by now.

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