Shares of $DIS+0.5% are down over 30% in the last five years, which I and I believe other investors don't like. But somehow I still believe that the stock will recover and start rising again. I may buy a little more this week and then wait to see how the share price develops.

What is your opinion on this company and do you have $DIS+0.5% stock in your portfolio?



$97.13 $0.53 +0.55%

I have finally opened a position and now I will go DCA.. :)

I have been gradually buying$DIS+0.5% and am currently waiting. It's an investment for many years.

Unfortunately, I've bought at higher prices... so I'm waiting at the moment.

I have my last purchase at $82 and will also wait now. I trust them but for now I see this in a down trend going forward and we can look even lower.

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