Shares of $INTC-1.3% are up over 30% this year, which is very solid. The company hasn't done well over the past five years, as you can see from the chart. However, I see the company starting to turn around and I believe it will start to do well again. The stock currently strikes me as a bit overvalued, but if the stock gets to a price of $32 or lower, I would already be thinking about buying.

How do you view this company and do you have $INTC-1.3% stock in your portfolio?



$32.95 -$0.42 -1.26%

I'm watching and I haven't made a purchase yet

They're pretty high up and they were even higher. Nice dividend to that. I've been buying under $30, so I'm happy so far.

I have$INTC-1.3% in my portfolio and their current management seems to me to be able to take Intel to another level. I believe they will once again get to the top of the chip industry.

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