After a long time we finally started the week green. 🍀🚀

I'll take the liberty of doing a little recap, because we have a lot to look forward to in the coming days and weeks. 😊 I won't write too much about Saturday's attack on Izreal and the declaration of martial law. The internet is full of it. Discussion, what impact could this have on stocks? ...also here is a nice article on it

But we can elaborate, my view is that it will and is seen today for example in the rise in oil prices. So the commodity sector will definitely be affected. Also, quite interesting and a big jump we saw today in Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Today, the main thing, we see growth in the stocks and indices. According to the analysts' report so far, these two points could be.

1, High levels of Treasuries. This could be a sign for the Fed to think about raising interest rates further, putting more pressure on the economy, stocks. The Fed's job should be mainly to sort of keep the economy in balance, and on the one hand, high levels of Treasuries have negative effects.

The decline in demand for equities is one of the effects that we're seeing. This can, of course, be reflected in the companies concerned, which may find it harder to raise capital from equity issues and thus to finance their business. Investors may be pouring funds into bonds, but for the government it will also mean paying more interest on their debt and this will help to increase the budget deficit. Therefore, the central bank should also monitor this phenomenon and try to balance the economy.

2, Today's recovery news was led by the fact that the CPI for September, which is due to be released on Thursday 12 October 2023 is expected to fall slightly. This would of course be great news because even the percentage guess on the Fed if they will raise rates will be lowered by this and could mean that this number is already final.

So we have today's news, growth and I'm curious to see what happens next. For my part, I certainly wouldn't be cheering just yet and while I'm also holding cash to buy, I'm certainly not rushing and depending on developments I'll be releasing this gradually into the markets. What about you, how satisfied are you with the development? 😊

Super thanks :)

Rising oil prices may yet wobble the CPI. Moreover, the Fed is placing more emphasis on PCE than on CPI.

I think it will also be important to see how much the conflict in Israel affects the commodity market, which feeds into inflation.

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