I also can't really see a scenario where Intel is the winner. Victor's right. The stock is just riding a positive wave.

Can I ask what makes it interesting besides the price drop?

Do you understand how they intend to catch up with the competition and do you believe they will do it in the promised timeframe, even though they have mostly postponed everything in the past? T

The CAPEX is currently huge because of the new generation of EUV, plus they are trying to slice the revenue of TSMC, AMD and Nvidia and that will write into their valuation, i.e. they may well have negative EPS again and the share price will then be even more "profitable". Do you believe that they will pull in customers of TSMC, which is not designing any chips and thus does not threaten its clients in any way, unlike INTC?

Will you have the patience to watch their competitors outperform them for a head start and wait in the red for maybe 3-5 years to build what Gelsinger promised?

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