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Palantir and Oracle launch a new partnership aimed at providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for the private and public sectors! 🌐 Palantir will leverage Oracle's cloud infrastructure $ORCL to efficiently manage Foundry jobs .



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The potential for AI seems endless and many investors are turning to Palantir' s expertise $PLTR in data management and protection, essential for training and running new AI applications .

Palantir has historically generated revenue primarily through its work with the U.S. government in the fight against terrorism, but is now expanding into the management, interpretation and presentation of data for corporate giants.

These strategic partnerships position it to support enterprises and government entities in implementing AI solutions on its platform (AIP).

"We are in a period where the demand for AIP is reaching unprecedented proportions," said company CEODavid Karp. "We are currently in discussions with more than three hundred companies about deploying AIP within their organizations. These companies are looking for a secure and efficient way to implement the latest big language models into their internal systems and data." 💼🔍

What do you think ofPalantir $PLTR, their stock has had a hell of a ride, so who among you is still riding?

Very interesting company and attractive stock. Unfortunately I don't have PLTR stock and currently the stock is expensive.

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