🗓️Klíčové events of the coming week!

Earnings season starts again this week and as usual the biggest banking houses in the USA along with PepsiCo. Here is a summary of the interesting events that are coming up and that may influence the markets.

👨‍⚖️Tuesday: Chairman Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will be speaking before Congress on the state of the economy and monetary policy. Key hints on the future direction of interest rates are expected. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will discuss fiscal policy and financial stability. Her comments may influence markets and provide insight into the government's plans.

🎤Wednesday: Powell will continue his speech, this time focusing on inflation and employment growth. Markets will be watching for any new information.

📊Thursday: Fresh data on inflation will provide insight into how prices of consumer goods and services are trending. This data is crucial for decision making Fed's decision-making process on interest rates. The number of new claims for unemployment benefits is an indicator of the strength of the labour market. Low numbers could signal a healthy economy.

💹Earnings: before the markets open, we'll get PepsiCo $PEP+1.7% results

💼Friday: Producer Price Index (PPI) will provide insight into producer costs and potential pressure on consumer prices. US consumer sentiment Measures consumer confidence in the economy. High sentiment indicates that consumers are willing to spend more, which can have a positive impact on the economy.

💹Earnings: We'll see earnings fromJPMorgan $JPM+1.2%, Citigroup $C+0.4% and Wells Fargo $WFC+0.7% before the markets open . These financial results will give us an interesting view of the entire banking sector.

Personally, I'll be watching the first two banks mentioned, what are yours on the radar?

Stay tuned for these events that can impact the markets in a significant way!
What news will you be following in the coming week?

Again a great summary and opinion on the banks, I think they will be good numbers too, after all they are benefiting from ever higher rates. I hold $JPM+1.2% long term and am very happy, I have nice numbers there and will continue to hold, I don't expect a drop.

Great, thanks for the summary. The results will be more interesting. I'll be mostly interested in the bank results.

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