Views on the current price and future of Pfizer $PFE-1.2%?

The company is entering "the most important 18 months in Pfizer's history," CEO Bourla said in February. That's because the company plans to launch or expand the registration of 19 drugs over the next year and a half.



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Those launches are expected to generate $20 billion in revenue by 2030, Bourla said. The group includes an RSV vaccine, elranatamab for multiple myeloma, ritlecitinib for alopecia areata and many other products.

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Pfizer enters 'most important' stretch in company's history: CEO (

I guess it depends a lot if there's another pandemic coming or not... If so, I would definitely buy! :-D If not, this company is not interesting to me...

I've been thinking about buying $PFE-1.2% stock lately, as it's currently at a really nice price.

The price now is like it was before Covid, which probably makes a little sense. They had a vaccination for covid - the stock went up, now covid is gone and the stock is back...

Super company at a super price. I like how they are trying to be groundbreaking with their new products. Like the recently mentioned anti-obesity drug.

Pfizer has a strong market position and these new products should help it grow dynamically. If all goes according to plan, Pfizer's stock price could easily double in the next 3-5 years, in my opinion. I'm holding them in my portfolio and will continue to buy.

Pfizer is a stable pharmaceutical company with a long history. If they manage to launch the planned 19 products, it should significantly boost their sales and profits in the coming years. Pfizer's stock could rise as a result. I have read many articles and studies on this topic and currently take PFE's stock price as a bargain.

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