My favorite DIVIDEND stock $PBR-1.3% is up +48% year to date. How are you doing on the growth nonsense that also doesn't pay a dividend? You literally get nothing out of them because you're afraid to sell them anyway 😜.

$14.94 -$0.19 -1.26%

One-year performance nice, five-year performance zero...

Pretty redundant comment, but at least I've checked where there are 498 companies with a stock valuation above 50% YTD WITHOUT a dividend and 26 companies with a dividend higher than Spy (+2%), btw Spy has outperformed PBR by about 55% for 10 years ;)

I sold my Nvidia growth nonsense with 160% profit, not complaining 😀

Well, whoa, sir. I'm fine with that, but a "boring" $AAPL-2.0% is also +48% and pays a dividend. Not that big but it's there So you could continue with $MSFT-0.7% for example. I don't think it's accurate to apply it to everything like that. Even speculators like those on $GME-7.5% also made 48% this year and could have sold at a higher profit. So far this year the hype is all over the place after last year's plunge, almost everything is rising.

I, for one, am happy with the performance of the $NVDA+2.8% growth nonsense. And I made a profit 🤷‍♂️

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